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As of March 2016, I am removing my catalogue of products from view.  Unfortunately, other work commitments have prevented me from giving this website sufficient attention, and my stock organisation has fallen in to disarray.  As such, I cannot provide my customers with a reliable and consistent service.

I still have boxes full of used laptop parts, and a stack of laptops I never fully dismantled, and I hope to find a home for all of these in the coming months.

I will still be monitoring emails sent to, and will help you with your enquiries wherever possible. If I can find the part you are looking for, I will do so, even if that means directing you to a third party.

I’d like to thank all of my customers and contacts, past and present, for their support.

Laptop Guts may rise from the ashes in the future, but for now it must submit to the flames.

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Thank you for visiting.

Simon - Laptop Guts.

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